Mobility Challenged Fishing Boat, The Patriot Cruiser,
Now Available at SML Boat Rentals

We are honored to offer this boat free of charge to:

  • Combat Wounded Veterans
  • Law Enforcement/ First responder Injured in the Line of Duty
  • Children with mobility challenges
The only charge is for fuel. But thanks to Glenwood Oil Company who donated all fuel costs associated with free rental of the boat for the 2016 season.

No excuse now, just get here and we'll get you out on the lake!

  • There are ramps on both the port and starboard sides of the boat. Each ramp is 44" wide and will accommodate 600lbs.
  • The bow fishing stations are easily changed from wheelchair to fishing seats.
  • The Captain's seat is a heavy equipment seat designed for comfort and adjust-ability. Seat height is 16". Armrests flip up for easy transfer to and from wheelchair. For those with custom chair requirements or if you'd just feel more comfortable using your own chair the seat is easily removed. Q-Straint rails are installed to secure customer chairs in the driver's position
  • The steering wheel is oversize and the knob makes steering easier for those with limited upper body strength.
  • A line cleat is provided to secure a line without repositioning from the driver's seat.
  • The seat swivels for easy transfer to and from wheelchair.
  • The seat has an adjustable lumbar support.
  • The seat has a shock absorbing feature with a weight adjustment knob.
  • All bow fishing seats can be removed to accommodate 4 wheelchair spots. The boat is equipped with 6 rod storage holders, 4 fishing rod holders, a net, a fishing gaff, and docking pole.
  • There are 4 fishing seats on the bow. Two high backs and 2 butt seats.
  • Boat is equipped with a 25lb. automatic windlass and achor.
  • Automatic Windlass
  • Windlass anchor control mounts on rails.
  • Windlass control is removable and can be mounted on wheelchair.
  • 54lb. Minn Kota Trolling Motor with remote control. Remote can be fitted to pontoon rails or wheelchair armrests.
  • Boat is equipped with a supply 110 VAC for medical devices and monitors.
  • The handicapped bathroom is located in the stern.
  • Handcapped batroom privacy curtian.
  • Handicapped Bathroom Secure Handrails at 34" Commode Height 19" Commode location can be repositioned for each customer depending on wheelchair design and specific transfer requirements.
  • Mobility challenged fishing boat, The Patriot Cruiser, arrives at Mitchell's Point Marina
  • Christening Day!
  • SML Volunteer Fire Department on hand for the big event.
  • SML Volunteer Fire Department on hand for the big event.
  • All loaded up for the maiden voyage.

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